Environmental, Social, and Governance

Luxfer’s business, like many others, is deeply intertwined with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) matters. Just as our mission and values are an inextricable part of how we do business, so is ESG. It is incorporated into the strategies, policies and values that govern Luxfer Superform’s operations, reflecting our commitment to sustainable long-term growth.


Luxfer offers a comprehensive online compliance training program to employees. The program’s training modules are assigned to employees based on their role and area of responsibility within the Company, with a number of courses considered mandatory. An annual training plan is established each year based on an assessment of internal and external factors to prioritize topics and timing of deployment.

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Superform USA holds all the necessary accreditations and demonstrates the key practices that have enabled us to hold the leading accreditations for manufacturing and aerospace markets in addition to the key environmental standards.

These accreditations have been held for over 10 years without break and build on the many customer accreditations held that are required to meet the quality standards required by their customers.

ISO 9001: Certification
AS 9100: Rev C Certification
ISO 14001: Certification
ISO 45001: Certification